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Whether you manage a multi-family building or own an office building, an efficient and effective HVAC system is key to keeping your occupants comfortable 365 days a year.  At RAS Heating and Cooling, you have a reliable and dependable partner who delivers on time at fair prices.

Proper commercial HVAC installation is key to this system working well in all seasons and years into the future. Our experienced team takes you through the installation process, helping you understand where machines will be installed, where vents need to be placed, and the many other elements required to properly install an HVAC system. We have a full understanding of New York City and Long Island’s regulations and permitting requirements, too, so your installation is in trusted hands from beginning to end.
Our affordable HVAC maintenance contracts bring a technician to your facility for regular tune-up and inspection. With routine maintenance, any issues are discovered, diagnosed, and repaired preemptively, before the people in your facility get left in the literal or figurative cold.
Is your heating or air conditioning not working? RAS Heating and Cooling technicians are on call around the clock. Just give us a call and we’re on our way!
While many HVAC systems include both heating and cooling in the same system, some may maintain these systems separately. Whether you’re experiencing issues with your heating system or want to upgrade your cooling system, the experienced technicians at RAS Heating and Cooling can get your system into top shape.
These reliable and efficient HVAC systems support zoned heating and cooling since each unit is installed in its own area – no ductwork necessary leading from a central unit. Excellent for energy-efficient heating and cooling, ductless HVAC systems are a great fit for buildings that cannot be outfitted with ductwork or for commercial buildings looking for an energy-efficient solution to heating and cooling.
Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) technology, also known as Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology, requires less energy than a standard HVAC system to operate efficiently. VRV/VRF systems work by detecting the temperature inside the room in which they’re installed, and then automatically turning on and heating or cooling to the set temperature. These units are known for their long-term stability, as they have a smaller carbon footprint than other HVAC systems. RAS Heating and Cooling technicians have years of experience installing, maintaining, and servicing VRV and VRF systems, and can put that experience to work in your commercial property.
Ducts for a commercial HVAC unit should be cleaned regularly to ensure the system’s peak performance. While ductwork is regularly inspected when covered under a maintenance contract, duct cleaning occurs with less regularity, typically every three to five years. Some more higher-capacity buildings, such as hospitals and other medical facilities, require annual duct cleaning.
State-of-the-art boilers efficiently and effectively circulate heat throughout your commercial facility. Maintenance contracts cover tune-ups and repairs. If we install a new boiler, we’ll even cart away the old one for you.
You’ll often find HVAC systems installed on the rooftop of a commercial facility. That way, these powerful and large machines are kept out of the way while serving as a central point for all ductwork throughout the building. Even if your HVAC system is installed on the roof of your building, the technicians at RAS Heating and Cooling are ready, willing, and able to perform installation, maintenance, and service on it.
Advanced filtration systems aren’t just for hospitals anymore. Install or upgrade your filtration to help block virus particles from entering the recirculated air in your building.

We install, maintain, and service HVAC systems in all types of commercial facilities:

Office buildings

Schools and colleges

Multi-family buildings

Malls and shopping centers

Hotels and hospitality

Industrial properties

Servicing All of South Florida

Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade

Residential HVAC Services at RAS Heating and Cooling

Looking to install or repair HVAC systems in your home? RAS Heating and Cooling does that, too!

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